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Cyberbullying during Covid-19

As many families struggle with the decision of whether or not to send their children and teens back to school during this unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic, the decision becomes complicated by more than just health concerns. While some may believe or want to believe their child is free from bullying, simply because they are not in the school building, unfortunately this is often not the case.

In March 2020, the news of Covid-19 spread across the world. As fear immediately spread terms like “quarantine” and “virtual learning” became household names. For some, the idea of virtual learning initially brought relief. For the child and teen who feared going to school, home became an escape. However, for many, virtual learning did not bring the relief they wished for.

At a time when children and teens are on their phones, tablets, and computers more than ever, often with less supervision, cyberbullying has become a greater risk. As parents, do we really know what our child is doing? Does the bullying your child once dreaded, continued online? It is imperative we continue to talk to our children about their peer relationships and seek information and help to protect them.

Consider the following resources to understand cyberbullying and take steps to talk to your child or teen about this very important topic.

1. Stomp Out Bulling


3. Sunshine Behavioral Health

4. Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

5. Florida Atlantic university

6. Boston Children’s Hospital

7. Cleveland Clinic (video)

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