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Anti-bullying: What's All The Hype About?

As we go from school to school and organization to organization educating and setting up programs to stop #bullying, the question continues to arise, " . . . but why do we need laws to address the issue?". Comments come up such as "We didn't have laws when we were kids and we survived". Then I sit with children (as their therapist) who attend schools who are exempt from the law who tell me "I was afraid to tell my teacher . . . ." about #bullying for fear of repercussions. Children and adolescents fear the consequences from the adults and from the other students. Exemption allows these schools to continue to turn a blind eye. Do we NEED the laws? Perhaps yes, perhaps no. Do they help us advocate for children . . . YES! Let's stop fighting about the law and focus on the kids it was written for. It is a different time now. . .

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